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How Do I Prep

for My Lash Appointment?

How to Prep for your FULL SET appointment:

Full sets are long appointments (up to 3-4 hours) because perfect lashes take time! Please plan accordingly. Parking is FREE and plentiful so you won't have to worry about tickets or finding a spot. Plan to nap or meditate or just zone out for a few hours and wake up with beautiful lashes!


24 Hours Before Full Set

Stop using all waterproof mascara 

Complete Covid-19 screening form & all intake forms online


Day of Full Set Appointment

No large amounts of caffeine prior to your appointment.

Cleanse your lashes and eye area thoroughly, make sure to use an effective makeup remover if you've been wearing any waterproof mascara or liquid eyeliner. No mascara residue please!

Arrive to your appointment with no mascara on and no makeup or skincare around your eyes.

Silence all calls and texts during your appointment. I'm unable to tell you who's calling or read your texts to you.

The lash bed will be super comfortable, but I encourage you to dress cozy if you tend to get cold.

Lashing requires total concentration on my behalf, and a calm face and calm eyes on your behalf, which means talking will be kept to a minimum. I highly encourage you to bring headphones and something to listen to like a podcast or audiobook. I will always have relaxing music playing, and encourage you to use your appointment time to rest and detach from the stress of the day.

Please arrive wearing your over the ear style mask and do not remove it for any reason unless instructed to. 

Stay in your car and text me when you arrive at Hey, Honey and I will let you know when I'm ready for you to come inside!

Lash Extension Aftercare


So you just got your full set of lash extensions, congrats, I'm sure you feel amazing!


Here's how to take care of your investment:


Wash your lash extensions daily with a lash safe cleanser and fluffy cleansing brush. If you have oily skin and eyelids or if you wear makeup, it may benefit you to wash your lashes twice, once in the morning & once at night.


Makeup wearers should use a lash extension safe eye makeup remover nightly, and then cleanse with your lash shampoo. Avoid all oil based makeup and skincare around your eyes. Absolutely NO mascara or waterproof eyeliner on your lash extensions, ever! 


Avoid high heat and steam, as this can cause your extensions to lose curl and shape and can even melt the tips! Be extra careful around direct high heat from ovens, BBQ's, fire pits, hair dryers, saunas, etc. Sunglasses are my go-to for taking cookies out of the oven ;)


Brush your lashes daily with the lash wands provided at your appointment. Brush with downward movements, never upwards.


Avoid sleeping directly on your face, as this will effect the retention and integrity of your lash set.


Avoid touching, rubbing, pulling, or picking your lashes as much as possible. The more you touch them the worse your retention will be, and rubbing/picking can cause damage to your natural lashes. You can still rub your eyes, but make sure to be gentle and close your eyes tightly to protect the base of your extensions.


After crying, sweating, or swimming in salt water/chlorine, make sure to immediately rinse/cleanse your lashes with fresh water. Salt and Chlorine will build up on your lash line and cause your beautiful extensions to close up and become crusty.


Your natural lashes will shed between 2-5 natural lashes per eye, per day. Don't be alarmed when you see your extensions attached to your natural lashes, this is exactly how they should look when they shed.


Your lash extensions must be maintained every 2-3 weeks, so make sure to prebook your lash fills! I usually book out 2 months in advance, so make sure to secure your appointments with me so you don't miss out :) Bookings can be made at & any questions can be answered by contacting me at

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